Az intelligens tűzoltókabát tesztelése: Képen : Sivák Levente, Nagy Enikő

What is the SmartSuit?

For the first view it looks like a basic firemen coat but it's not. The SmartSuit includes built in sensors and microcontrollers to provide live information to the administratiors outside the building.

The Idea

In the way of an Accident in a Hungarian university, many of Hungarian firemen injured,that was the reason for the thinking what should we do to make them more safe.

Traditional Days of Demecser

Interactive showcase app for an little festival

My home town called Demecser organizes a little traditional festival every year. I wanted to be a part of the organisation so i helped the creators of the festival with a free app for all the guests.

Heating Season

Interactive guide how to get property ready for the winter.

In corporation with the local Disaster Recovery Department we made an interactive ad application with the most important preparation points for the winter.